Vinnie the vintage caravan

I recently acquired a caravan, saw it on marketplace and just had to buy it. Knew it was destined to be mine when the seller said he no longer wanted it and it was heading for the scrapyard. Not on my watch! It’s a 1967 sprite alpine 400, I believe. The plan is to restore it to the best of my abilities( winging it). Before I continue sharing my progress with you all I want to point out that I have never done anything like this before, it’s probably a bit too bigger job for me but I’m determined and I’m strong willed. So here we go…

Vinnie arriving, notice it’s minus a window…

Work has started. I started battening out the insides, spent £75 on batons, got a rivet gun too…yippee. I actually even managed to put the window back in. Really getting into it. Googled what hinges I need to get the door hanging. Feeling very accomplished and giddy for the next stages.

Half a forlorn door 😂

Work is still progressing but at a very slow pace. I finished the batons and then used hardboard which I did struggle to cut such a large board in a curved line. Once I’d completely covered every wall I then wallpapered.

Starting on the outside I painted with a teal blue and a white as I associate those colours with a vintage caravan. I’m currently now wallpapering the outside to add some colour. To make watertight I’m using yacht varnish.

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