5 Ways to increase Facebook likes

To increase “likes” on my Facebook page I engage, I do this by posting photos of furniture that I am working on. I do before and after photos. Sometimes I do a tutorial, explaining the procedure.

Every time someone comments I reply. It’s the interaction that causes the most likes. I made a rule to myself that I would post something everyday, it doesn’t necessarily have to be furniture.

I’m not the expert on gaining Facebook “likes” but this is what has helped me. I was a complete technophobe but found once I started interacting it empowered me to continue. I like to help.

There is something about being creative that people like to watch and follow. There is actual truth in the saying “watching paint dry”. When I’m creating, which can be all hours of the day, I often get visitors and they are mesmerised by watching me paint!

So just to summarise, engage and post and empower.

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