New Look Shower

My shower is outdated and stuck in the 80s, its working, it doesn’t leak but its dated. I cannot justify spending lots of money on changing the look on a whim.


I decided the easiest and cheapest way to change the look is to wallpaper onto the existing tiles. I did this and two months later the wallpaper is still up. I thought I’d pass on the process for all you DIYERS so you too can benefit from a cheaper alternative to retiling.

I chose my wallpaper, a 3D slate effect.

I used normal wallpaper paste, using the guide on the wallpaper as to how long paste should soak into paper. This is really important.


Remove any rails or anything that could be problematic for cutting around. Don’t bother filling in, just wallpaper over. Once wallpapering is finished, allow to dry  (drying time is also on wallpaper guide along with soaking in time).

Once dry you’ll need to seal it with a waterproof sealer. I chose Sandolin Yacht Varnish. I got this from Homebase. I started at the top and gave the wallpaper an even medium cover using a paintbrush. This varnish is pungent so ventilate the room. It will need at least 2 coats and the drying time is about 12 hours. This is the tedious bit.


The yacht varnish is a gloss finish so expect it to be shiny, also in some light you can see the impression of the original tiles but overall I have changed the look of my shower for £24. That to me is a bargain. When I get bored of the look I can just change it again without having to have a big debate with my BH. This process is ideal for people in rented homes, people on budgets, novice decorators or fickle people like me who change the look of their homes regularly.

You will need.


wallpaper paste

Yacht varnish

craft knife and scissors.

This is not a permanent solution but it is a tried and tested and if it lasts a year it was worth £24.

Happy Decorating.

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